A New Addition to our Household

We have a new addition to our household -- a piano!

We paid to have Beautiful Genuine Musician's piano moved up here to our house from City to the South, so that she (and others!) can play it when she's up here visiting.

Yesterday Lovely Passionate Feminist was here. She and I went to Barnes and Noble, and she bought a songbook for the piano with some lovely songs in it: Danny Boy, Santa Lucia, Finlandia. It was so peaceful listening to her play yesterday. She has a very light touch. (And she's not even the music major!)

Young Man with Integrity's girlfriend J is also a musician. They were here for dinner last night, after which she played a piece that she learned years ago--very different with some beautiful but also dissonant chords throughout. We all loved it. And then of course there was little 2 y.o. M, who ALSO played...she played the music of 2 year olds everywhere.

And we loved that as well! (for the most part) :-)

And strangely enough, even I was able to play one song that I remembered from piano lessons in fourth grade. Well, I didn't remember, but my fingers did. Pure muscle memory. Interesting experience.

I think we were all thrilled to have a piano in the house. It kind of brought us all together in a new way.
(The pic is my husband and our granddaughter, little M.)


Jennifer said…
Pianos are great. The story surrounding yours is great, too.
Enjoy! (So glad you're feeling better!)
Jan said…
Wonderful story. So much joy in your family. Thanks, Katherine.
Terri said…
ahhh, the beauty of music....touches the soul...
Sylphstorm said…
Squee baby!

Thanks. I probably will end up spending half my time there on the piano when we come over, mainly because it acts as a me-magnet. I've noticed that there are very few things that seem to attract people to touch on the order of magnitude of a piano - whether children or adults, people seem to feel the need to play whatever they know or just plink away if they don't know. It's beautiful.

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