Entering the Mind of Christ

I loved this paragraph from James Finley's Christian Meditation:

When Jesus sat around the fire at night with the disciples, talking about this and that, he no doubt at times simply listened to them talking among themselves. As he stirred the fire with a stick, he perhaps saw a single spark fleetingly fly upward into the night. Later, lying there, listening to their breathing as they slept, he heard in their breathing the love he knew himself to be. It is like that sometimes with us. In meditation, in daily life, we realize that we and everyone else in the world, and everything in it, are manifesting the love our very life embodies. In this realization, we enter the mind of Christ without going anywhere. We simply awaken to who we have always been from before the origins of the universe.


Jennifer said…
That's a wonderful description of close communion.
This Findley book sounds great!
Thanks, Katherine.
Jan said…
Thanks, Katherine. Of course, I've ordered the book from your recommendation. But that also reinforces my tendency to read more than pray! I am reading a book about John--"A Mystical Portrait of Jesus"--that sounds a lot like this quote.
Terri said…
I think I need that book, lovely quote...
Terri said…
oh, and you can find me at both my old blog and my new one...desert prayer

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