The Holiday

It's been a great Thanksgiving Holiday. My inlaws are here so we spent the day at my husband's cousin's house with a big gathering of 18 people. The cousin's house is HUGE, so we also spent the day in luxurious surroundings. Oh my.

Yesterday I stayed home to work a bit while everyone else drove Beautiful Genuine Musician back to City to the South and then visited with my FIL's sister in a nearby county. I did join them for a late lunch, though, and then did a little shopping. I've decided to workout twice a week with a personal trainer, so I needed some clothes appropriate for that.
Today should be a nice, relaxing day. I hope to get the Christmas Tree up.

Here are some recent pics.

This is J and Young Man with Integrity from Thanksgiving Day.

And little M, also from Thanksgiving Day.

This is my friend LifeGiving One's little 3-year old, Julia, who had a "sleepover at KK's" so her mom and dad could have some alone time together.

And here is Lovely Passionate Feminist with both Julia and her little brother M. Great kiddo's, and LPF was a huge help!

D and his dad


Jan said…
So glad you are having company and such a good time. I love your pictures! Almost feels like I'm there.
Pam said…
Love your blog -- so many of your posts resonate with me...And, I'm so glad you will be working with a personal trainer -- I promise it will make a big difference!
Katherine E. said…
Thanks, Pam. Nice to "meet" you!

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