Declaring God's glory

Oh, Monday, Monday. The Mamas and the Papas plaintive singing is part of my reality this morning. Do I really have to go back to work?

This helps. From Thomas Merton:

The forms and individual characters of living and growing things,
of inanimate beings, of animals and flowers and all nature,
constitute their holiness in the sight of God.
Their inscape is their sanctity.
It is the imprint of God's wisdom and God's reality in them.
The special clumsy beauty of this particular colt on this day in the field under these clouds
is a holiness consecrated to God by God's own creative wisdom,
and it declares the glory of God.

Such a lovely combining of the inner and the outer in this Psalm to remind me that ALL creation should declare the glory of God. And I am part of that creation. And so is my church. And so is my vocation. May my soul today not forget....


Linda said…
I hope it's an amazing Monday, Katherine!
steve said…

Just wanted to say thank you for your reply to my blog post. Your comment was very generous and thoughtful -- and has really made me think about the limitations of being "spiritual but not religious." A post for another day, perhaps.

Anyway, thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful reply.
Katherine E. said…
Thanks to you both, Linda and Steve.
Jan said…
I hope your Monday went beautifully!
Jennifer said…
Oh, Katherine!
Returning to work sounds like it's been very difficult.
You are in my prayers during this difficult time....

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