Arkansas, Wednesday morning

Arkansas is VERY pretty, just as I remembered. We stayed one night in Hot Springs but didn't really see much of the town, electing instead to drive on here to Eureka Springs--all told, it's taken us about 12 hours of driving. (The back roads we're taking aren't busy at all, and we're stopping at places called "Alom Cove" just to see what it looks like!)

Eureka Springs is different than I imagined. The B&B, pictured below, didn't have directions on its website, so D looked at a Google map Monday night and memorized it (the man is amazing). We drove into Eureka Springs, with me at the wheel, and were greeted with narrow streets very much like those I've driven in Europe. With my automated speaking MAP sitting beside me, I was directed to "turn left here," which led us UP a series of teeny, tiny roads--Up, Up, Up the mountain we drove, hoping we would not meet another vehicle coming down! "Turn here," he tells me, then "Turn right." At several points it seems we're going straight up! How EXHILARATING! It's like riding a roller coaster! I start to laugh--hysterically, he would say, but that's not true. Finally, we turn onto an unnamed street, and D says this should be it, but he can't be sure without a street sign. We come to an intersection, and yes! Fairmont. And the B&B is right here, on our left. And that's the proprietor, Chris, standing there in the front yard watching, ready to welcome us.

As Chris is showing us our room, he says "You must have got your directions from the internet." Apparently, directions from another source would have meant we'd arrive from another direction. He can tell. Well, if there was an easier way to get here I don't want to know it. That was way too much fun to have missed!

We relaxed for a bit and then walked to dinner (Italian). After dinner, we took another walk to the Crescent Hotel, pictured here, built in 1886, and apparently, full of ghosts. Yikes. Glad we're not staying there!

Today, I think D, historian that he is, might drive about 30 miles to visit a Civil War site, but I'm going to stay here. One day without getting in the car sounds good. I'm looking forward to just relaxing here in this lovely place.


Unknown said…
Sounds great! You must be having a blast.
Jan said…
Katherine, I'm glad you had time to post about your arrival in Eureka Springs. It sounds lovely.

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