Friday, November 23, 2007

They add such delight to my life

My niece, Blonde Beauty, called yesterday to say hello on Thanksgiving and to wish me well in my new position. I wished her well, too--she has a new job! (No more temporary assignments! yes!) She has the most delightful personality: fun and friendly and at-ease in any situation. She's a great writer and I love to hear her sing. What is Blonde Beauty now?--hmmm, I guess she's 26 with a birthday coming soon on January 12. Her new job is in the accounting area, and my sister tells me she's enrolling in night school at the college in her town.

I have the warmest memories of spending time with her and my nephew Handsome Boy before they moved to South Carolina. On the weekends I took them all over. We went to San Antonio via Amtrack. It was a great trip to the RiverWalk, swimming and room service in a fancy hotel~I have a picture of them jumping on the beds. [Discipline has never been my long suit.] On the way home the train died. Yep, just died on the tracks and what should have taken five hours took thirteen. They probably got tired and misbehaved, but I don't remember that. I just remember how I loved being with them.

We went to the Arbuckle Wilderness in Oklahoma. Spent the night in a cabin near Turner Falls, I think. (Is that right? can't remember). Anyway, we drove through the animal park, windows down, food purchased, and fed every animal that came to us, including a HUGE HUGE HUGE buffalo.

I used to live in City to the East near the newly-built Galleria shopping mall. I'd take them there early on Sunday mornings when it was closed and they could run and jump and yell to their hearts content. They called me "KK." "KK, come see!" "KK, look, look!"

I am so grateful for my niece and nephew. They add such delight to my life. How I wish they lived closer.
Oh, and let me wish Booming Bass, my brother-in-law, HAPPY BIRTHDAY today! He's 59, but as I told him on the phone this morning, he certainly doesn't look it!


Wyldth1ng said...

You write more cryptic than I do.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Booming Bass.

Jan said...

I like reading about your memories.