Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Book Meme

Jan has tagged me for a great Book Meme!

Total number of books?
Whoa! Not sure. When I married D, he said that together we had about 4,000 books, most of which are his, but I'm sure that if not half, then 1,500 or more were mine.

Last book read?
Hmmm, well, I'm currently re-reading a biography of Heinz Kohut for my lecture this month, but maybe that doesn't really count. I'm carrying A Book of Hours, Thomas Merton, around in my backpack with me and am reading it in spurts. I devoured Somerset Maugham's The Painted Veil recently. Also Barbara Brown Taylor's Leaving Church.

Last book bought?
That would be the Thomas Merton book.

Five meaningful books?
Off the top of my head, The Road Less Traveled by Scott Peck, which started me on the path of self-awareness. I am forever grateful to Mr. Peck!

Henri Nouwen's Life of the Beloved. I was actually, truly transformed by reading this book. I loved myself more. Amazing.

Christ in a Pluralistic Age by John Cobb. As I wrote here previously, this book gave me a way to think about the divinity of Jesus, to believe with integrity.

The Awakening by Kate Chopin. I read this when I was 19 years old. I did not understand it, not really, but something in my soul fluttered, and shifted slightly, encountering the tragic fate of Edna Pontellier. Over the years I returned to it time and again and, in fact, used it in an article in The Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling regarding "Courage in the Development of Self in Women."

Ruben Habito's Healing Breath: Zen Spirituality for a Wounded Earth. This is the book--I felt that every word was written just for me--this is the book that eventually led me to jump off that proverbial cliff, leave my corporate job and enter seminary in the mid-1990's. I am forever grateful to Ruben.

How about favorite children's books?
I loved Jane Eyre--read it in 4th grade and have read it probably a dozen more times since then. Like Jan, I also loved Little Women.

Now I'll ask these friends to share about their books: PS @ Purpletologicallyspeaking, Linda @ Against a Brick Wall, Kate @ PrairieLight, and Diane @ Faith in Community.


Jan said...

Katherine, this was so much fun to read. Thanks for playing. You've reminded me of Peck's book and Habito's. I'll have to find the ones I haven't read that are on your list!

Jan said...

Plus, I love how many books BOTH you and your husband have!!

Diane said...

okay Katharine, I just did a favorite movie line post, but I'll get to the book one as soon as possible! it should be fun!

Another Nouwen made one of my favorites. And I loved Little Women, too. wanted to be Jo. still do, in a way.

great play!

Katherine E. said...

Eager to read about your books, Diane!

Jan, I forgot to mention that most of David's books are history. Civil War, Revolutionary War, WWII, Boer War, the history of Japan, you name it... Plus he has a whole series of Great Writers--Tennesee Williams, John Steinbeck, Willa Cather, all those. And he's read them all, too, I think.

I wish I were as devoted a reader as D and you, Jan!

"PS" said...

Thanks Katherine E.

As with many of us...I love books. There are 18 pages on my wantlist at Amazon. I'll post soon.

Nouwen and Peck...great authors with amazing insight.

Songbird said...

I adored Little Women and still re-read it periodically. In fact, it's about time!

Linda said...

I'll do this soon! Looks like fun. I'm curious what you thought about Leaving Church.

Jan said...

Katherine, your husband sounds very interesting--he must have a great breadth of knowledge. PS, you have even more books on your Amazon wish list than I do, which seems pretty amazing! Songbird, it warms my heart that you like "Little Women."

Diane said...

I'm curious about what others thought of Leaving Church, too. She's such a good writer.

RevDrKate said...

OOohhh books, I loooovve books! I can't wait to do this, but have to give it some thought! Will post it soon. Thanks!