Odds and Ends this October Evening

Just some odds and ends:
  • It's finally cool here in North Texas. I love it! And the rain this morning cleaned my car--it's nice and shiny for a change!
  • If you haven't checked out Linda's newest post called "A Turtle in the Sun" at Against a Brick Wall, please do. Give yourself the incredible GIFT of letting her words just wash over you. Oh, what a remarkable talent, and exceptionally courageous human being, she is.
  • I'm sorry to say that our local NPR station seems to be having an unusually difficult time meeting its goal for the pledge drive. Very sorry...I get so tired of the same-old endless pleas for money. I'd increase my monthly giving if I could, just to get "my" programs back on the air fulltime. I love Diane Rehm, Fresh Air, Morning Edition, and All Things Considered, and so many more! Why doesn't some fabulously wealthy and progressive person just fund whatever's left after, say, three-day-pledge drives twice a year, tops? That's my idea. Lemme give George Soros (sp?) a call and suggest that!
  • I realized this morning that I do NOT have two weeks before I leave for the Courage to Lead retreat. Yikes! it's next week! Got a lot done today, though, so maybe I'll make it.
  • I loved my conversation with Young Man With Integrity this evening when I came home. He's earning real money these days. What a great feeling that is! I actually remember the invigorating sense of freedom that comes with those first big paychecks. Wow. He's going to a Renaissance Fair this weekend and is going to treat himself to buying something "big" there, something he's always wanted. Go, man, go! Celebrate!
  • I can't wait for vacation! We're going to take a driving trip through Arkansas, see the beautiful Fall colors, stay in a B&B in Eureka Springs, rest and relax, just the two of us.
  • I encountered someone recently who seems to fit Hannah Arendt's definition of the "banality of evil" pretty well. Closed in on himself. If his actions didn't effect others, it wouldn't be so bad, but then, our actions always effect others, don't they? ~sigh~

Odds and ends. Fragments of a life lived.

God is good.


Unknown said…
Meanwhile, it feels like summer again in Maine!
Jan said…
Katherine, you are very busy. It was fun to hear your thoughts. . . .
Linda said…
Thanks for the link, Katherine. I'm blushing. :)

Glad to hear the lecture went well last week, though I had no doubt it would!! Wish I could have been there for it.

Hope the time in Eureka Springs is good. It should be beautiful there by then. I've been trying to carve out some time to head that way myself. Maybe in a couple of weeks. I NEED to go camping.
Unknown said…
You life's odds and ends seem to be holding together quite well.
Terri said…
have a great trip through the colors of fall...
Diane M. Roth said…
yes, have a great vacation! (sigh) sounds like a wonderful anticipation.
Anonymous said…
Enjoy the fall colors and the rest of your vacation!

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