The lecture, the week

Well, the 200 minute lecture is history. Yippee!!!!

I took three days last week as vacation to finish writing it. Glad I did, too. I needed every bit of it. Overall, I think it went fine; I had good feedback, and I felt good in the moment. I was "me," which was pretty important since the topic was authenticity! :-) If they succeed in getting the audio posted on the website for the Series, I'll post a link.

RevDrKate had a beautiful post the day before the lecture, which, with her permission, I used as an example of growth toward 'the authentic self' and how self-reflection can be such a wonderful aid in that process. Thank you, Kate!

After the lecture ended at 1:00 yesterday, a friend took me to lunch--my friend is the mother of Julia, the precious 2-year-old we're all in love with here at my house. My friend brought Julia over that evening, so we got to babysit again. Thank goodness Beautiful Genuine Drummer Girl was here--she and D helped play with Julia for the two hours she was at our house. I was extremely tired. As I told my colleague in ministry this morning, I wish these kinds of things didn't wear me out, but they really do. I was pretty much a zombie this morning at church.

The week ahead of me promises to be especially busy. I don't normally see more than two or three counselees or spiritual directees per week, but I've been postponing some folks in order to work on the lecture. That means that this week I have six counseling appointments...I'm preaching next Sunday...It's the final week for the current Companions in Christ group I'm leading, plus we have a retreat on Saturday for that same group...I have a Courage to Lead retreat coming up in just two weeks, after which D and I leave on a much-needed vacation together (can't wait for that!)...Right before all that, though, my two BIG monthly events at the church take place (a concert series and an emerging-church style worship service), so I'll have to spend some time this week doing all the marketing for them. Whew!

I'm stressed and really tired. In the midst of finalizing the lecture, I've been working through a big decision (more on that in a future post), which I ended up actually having to make last week. The timing wasn't great; I wish I'd had some time to think it through without the pressure of the lecture on me, but ... Oh well. I trust that I've done the right thing. God is with me, always there and so eager to help me turn fear into courage, ennui into excitement, pain into joy. When I remember that, I am only grateful.


RevDrKate said…
Oh Katherine, I am so happy to hear it went well! I was praying for you through the day yesterday and have been checking your blog hoping you'd post and update us! I totally get the exhaustion factor...and yipes what a week a'coming! Glad you have some well-deserved time to rest with D coming up in the not-too-distant future.
So glad everything went well. I am envious of you attending a Parker Palmer, "Courage to Lead" event. It is on my "must do" list.
Diane M. Roth said…
glad to hear of your success!!!
Jan said…
Katherine, I've missed you, since this is the only place we seem to "meet" these days. I'm so glad the speech went well.

This week certainly sounds busy. You will be intentionally in my prayers, dear friend.
Katherine E. said…
Thanks, everyone. This blogging world is such a gift...Jan, I've gotten to know you better this way, and love you even more. And it's just so amazing to "meet" all of you incredible people through your writing. People used to write letters to maintain friendships throughout their lives; I guess this is our equivalent...
Jan said…
Katherine, I agree about this being similar to letter-writing. I used to be a big letter-writer, but no more. I get intimidated by long letters--am more of a "card" person now. And blogging is more fun at this moment in my life! Love to you, my friend.

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