Visiting Friends

Friday is my day off. Since I've been on vacation, I went in to work this morning--for, oh, about an hour! I certainly could have worked longer, but I had lunch plans today in City to the East with two dear friends, friends I haven't seen in months. And I wasn't about to cancel.

One friend is M, who I'll name Runner CPA. She's a partner in a CPA firm but "Runner Partner" won't quite do, will it? That gives the impression that we run together, and believe me, she knows me well enough to know that I do NOT run. Ever. (I can hear her laughing even now.) Runner CPA loves her work, and her clients obviously love her. I must've met Runner CPA in 1993 at a spiritual retreat--I know it was before my mother died because I remember her at the memorial service, and my mother died in 1994. She is generous and kind in many, many ways.

The other friend at lunch today was A, who I've mentioned here before, but I'll give her a name now, too. Let's see...Hmmm. Can't think. Well...I suppose Seeker Executive will do. A is a spiritual seeker and she's an executive in the business world. Unlike Runner CPA, I can't really say that Seeker Executive loves her work, but she's certainly devoted to it. Talk about work ethic! I met Seeker Executive in 1993 as well, I think. She's been my spiritual teacher in many ways.

I don't see these two friends enough. When I lived in City to the East, it was a bit better, but I'm now at least a 45 minute drive away (on a good traffic day). In fact it took me well over an hour to get home today. Stuck in traffic, I reflected on how long I've known these two wonderful friends, as well as From a Small Texas Town, another friend I met in 1993 whom we all know and love. The four of us have been through so much together. We're all in our 50's, we're all at various stages in relationships with men (marriage, dating, etc.), we have a variety of personality types, we all do different work, but we have remained connected through these years. Gannet Girl wrote so eloquently about bonding with women through the years and how she learned about the trustworthiness of her women friends. Yes. I do SO understand that.

Seeker Executive, Runner CPA, and From a Small Texas Town, I love you!


Diane M. Roth said…
Hmmm. makes me think of people I need to be in touch with.
Jan said…
Katherine, I'm glad you took the time to see your friends. A trite story, but painfully true follows--my husband's first boss had been suffering from bone cancer for six years. C was always going to visit him, but didn't. His boss died yesterday. Now C and I will go to the funeral on Tuesday, but Paul (who died) would have preferred a visit while he was alive.

Thanks for the reminder not to wait. You didn't! (Now you and I should plan to get together--but at least we're "meeting" on the internet now.)

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