Notes from Vacation--nice to know you're loved

Another reason for our vacation is so that we can meet my sister and her family (who live in South Carolina) in Atlanta. It's a short visit over lunch, but at least I get to see them and hug them and tell them I love them in person. Unfortunately my niece was sick and my nephew was working, so they couldn't join us. We were all VERY--in the extreme--disappointed at that.

My brother-in-law Booming Bass looks great. He's had heart problems for several years, so it's wonderful to see him looking so good! I said something about struggling so much this year with respiratory problems and how that reminded me of my (and my sister's) mother, who died of respiratory failure, and Booming Bass was very kind to remind me of something important. He talked about how his own father had died of a heart attack at age 42, which was a fact we all had on our minds years ago when Booming Bass' heart problems all began. "We're all different people, Katy," he said.

We've all been through a lot together. I don't think it was long after my mother died that Booming Bass went on total SSI disability--somewhere in the mid-1990's probably. I was reminded that I've known him almost 30 years. He and my sister have been married 29 years this coming October.

My sister, Beautiful Blue Eyes Laughing, gosh, it was just SO great to see her, to be reminded of a depth of connection with someone I've known my whole life. D got a genuine kick out of how she imitated me to the "T." We all did. She has a knack for doing that--it's hilarious. But she can do it also because she just knows me so well. All through our conversation I was struck at all the little ways in which we are so similar, our tastes are so alike. I'm so happy for her good news--her company is merging with another, but the legal documents state specifically that my sister and her job will not be in jeopardy. Wow. What a compliment!

I hated leaving her after that short little lunch. I hugged her, and then I hugged her again, and I told her I loved her. As we drove away, and for an hour or so down I-75, underneath my sunglasses, tears filled my eyes. Part of the emotion was because I'm still so physically exhausted. Part was because I know it will be a long time, too long, before I see her again. Part was because she's so good at demonstrating her love for me, too.

And, after all, it's just nice to know you're loved.


Jan said…
Katherine, thank you for telling about your visit with D's family and yours. You described your arrival and the place so well, especially the Flint River and the fireworks. And the description of your sister and her husband showed much love and connection. This makes me wish I had a sister! How affirming that you will always be so closely connected.

AND I am glad you're back--I missed you!

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