Visit with Friend from College Days

My friend from college, Grew Up in Foreign Land, is coming for a visit today. She lives in Florida now, so we don't see each other often. I'll never forget what she said during the rehearsal dinner for our wedding three years ago when everyone was standing up and toasting us. It was something like, "When we were in college together, Kathy (I was Kathy back then) always seemed a little unhappy to me. She no longer seems that way." She said it more eloquently than that, but it was along those lines. I was struck by it because it was so true, and I viewed it as a witness to the growth that I've been working with God to accomplish through these many (30!) years. I was grateful for what I took as a very affirming comment.

I'm looking forward to her visit. Grew Up in Foreign Land always has something interesting going on and an interesting slant to her view of life. Her parents were business owners in another country. I had a very different Christmas celebration one year in the late 70's when her father flew me to their home in their 4-seater Cessna. Wow. Anyway, my conversations with Grew Up in Foreign Land always leave me with something to 'chew on,' which I appreciate.


Jan said…
Ever since reading about your friend visiting, I've had this refrain in my mind from Brownies and Girl Scouts--"Make new friends, but keep the old; one is silver and the other's gold." How nice to have time with an old friend.

Thinking of my own journey and looking at yours cause me to see how God continues to bring you into greater fullness of being YOU. That quote I love by Thomas Merton fits yet again--The closer you come to God, the closer you come to your true self. Thanks be to God.
Diane M. Roth said…
I came over because I liked your profile. Like your blog too. I have two great-stepsons. Have fund with "Grew up in Foreign Land." (that's better and more creative than using initials, as I do.)
Rev SS said…
Found you via Diane's blog, and love your reflections. I'll be back!
Katherine E. said…
Wow, I'm meeting so many great pastor-bloggers! Thanks so much, Diane and Serena. Both of your blogs are on my list of daily-reads now. BTW, Serena, I love Seattle...the trees, ocean, rain--all of it. I'd move there in a heartbeat, although I'd probably have to convince D, who is more of a Florida Sunshine person.

Jan, be sure to check out Diane's and Serena's blogs. (Oh, and Jan, there's another great Merton quote on Diane's Faith in Community blog.)

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