8 Random Facts

Songbird tagged me for a meme – 8 Random Facts about me:

1. My undergraduate degree is in journalism and political science, but right out of college I went into the business world.

2. I was one of the winners of the 4th grade talent contest playing “Baby Elephant Walk” on the piano.

3. I'm always happy when I'm connecting at the soul-level with others, and when I'm a witness to someone "coming alive" spiritually.

4. Something Songbird said reminded me that when I was 18 (or so), I went with my sister, Beautiful Blue Eyes Laughing, to a psychic to have our fortunes told. The woman predicted the name of the man whom I would marry. She was right.

5. I have always LONGED to know how to dance, but I'm rather two-left-feet-ed.

6. About 20 years ago I was a precinct chair for the Democrats in my area. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life. It was an easy job.

7. My husband and I are planning a trip driving the Blue Ridge Parkway in November. WooHoo!!! Can’t wait!!!

8. I drive a Camry and LOVE it. Every time I get into that Camry I feel like it’s a luxury car. It has both a tape player and a CD player, neither of which my little Corolla had, so I’ve been listening to old tapes and buying new CDs: lots of soundtraks from musicals, the Monkees (yes, I love the Monkees), Dion—I heard him on “FreshAir” the other day and went out and bought his greatest hits, Bruce Springsteen, The Fifth Dimension, Carole King, the soundtrak from Metropolis. It’s just pure FUN to sing as I’m driving down the highway; reminds me of when Beautiful Blue Eyes Laughing and I would spend hours singing together. I can still sing all the words to Harper Valley PTA, and when I preached on a recent Sunday, I said, “Well it’s June 3, another sleepy dusty delta day” and didn’t care one whit that it didn’t make sense in the context.

I hereby tag: Jan at Yearning for God
and Linda at Against a Brick Wall


Jan said…
I liked learning about you, Katherine. I feel like blogging has helped us to connect (#3). However, you're my only friend with a blog, so I cannot tag anyone unless you tell me someone!
Linda said…
I'm another big Dion fan.

Thanks for tagging me! I'll do this tomorrow, hopefully. Haven't had much time to blog the past few days.
Katherine E. said…
Thanks, Linda. I'll look forward to it! Jan, does your friend J have any interest in blogging or commenting? (She and I still haven't been to the lectio divina group at the same time, btw.)
Anonymous said…
Katherine E. said…
Dear Anonymous: You crack me up!
Jan said…
Katherine, unfortunately, my friend J is NOT a computer person. I hope you'll someday be at lectio together.
Unknown said…
Ah, the Blue Ridge Parkway, what fun!

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