Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday night

Friday night. A full day, and good. Up at 4:45 to get D to the airport for his business trip; he's chairing a conference on the east coast. The evening without him is strange. After only three-and-a-half years of marriage, you'd think I'd still be able to fall back into the feeling of it being normal to be alone on a Friday night, but no. Down to the marrow, I like sharing my life with him--that's definitely my new normal and I wish he were here.

Ah well, soon enough, and it does help to have Young Man with Integrity and Lovely Passionate Feminist here tonight. The three of us went to dinner at Cheddar's. The talk was of marching bands, Saturday Night Live, dorm life, which local high schools have good reputations (for teachers), the Dalai Lama, and the Supreme Court. My children-by-marriage never fail to interest and delight me.

Lunch was with my favorite two-year-old in the world, little Julia, and her sweet mother, my friend W. After we finished eating and were at the cashier's stand in the front, Julia proceeded to run off and make her way throughout the entire restaurant, showing all the folks at all the tables her new sunglasses, which she was wearing in the very latest fashion--upside down.

Before lunch I made a pastoral visit, and found my parishioner to be feeling much better than when we had spoken on the phone yesterday. I was so happy and relieved to see that.

Before my pastoral visit, I had my nails done by V, a lovely woman who never fails to make me laugh. Ended up having a meaningful pastoral conversation with her today. She remains in my prayers.

Before my nail appointment, I met my friend C for breakfast. We used to meet for breakfast every Friday, but that tradition has become maybe once a quarter now--a casualty of Life at Warp Speed, I'm afraid. Well, it does make our visits more special, so I'll choose to look at it that way.

Before meeting C for breakfast, I was kissing D goodbye at the airport and not looking forward to this moment--right now--without him.


Jan said...

I hope D. reads your blog. Your love for him shows through. Like many of my evenings of late, I'm alone at home, because CB is next door working on the remodeling of the house. MJ is at a football game tonight. And even though son BJ is home with puppy Troy, BJ is taking a nap!

Wyldth1ng said...

Sounds like a good day, even without your husband.

Katherine E. said...

You're right, wyldth1ng.

Jan, at least CB's just next door! (And blogging is a great way to stay engaged, huh?--Hey, have you guys made plans for Thanksgiving yet?)

Diane said...

It's great to have the kids around, isn't it?

and all the connections you make, that's pretty special, too.

mompriest said...

my husband works many nights these is so odd....

Anonymous said...

But we always return to each other. Both in spirit and in flesh.