Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My last day of vacation

I've spent my last day of vacation doing some wonderful things. Reading blogs, for instance. Jan and Gannet Girl are writing about their spiritual journeys. It's fascinating to be invited into these narratives where we can witness God working, weaving delicate spiritual threads whose design can perhaps only be seen much later in life.

I also had lunch with Genuine Beautiful Drummer Girl. Always a joy. Then we went shopping at the mall and Target.

D's on a business trip for a couple of days; I miss him already. Gosh, I love being married! Work promises to be busy, and all three kids are here, so that will help, I'm sure.


Jan said...

katherine, you sound peaceful. How nice. AND how are you?

Katherine E. said...

Yes, tonight I feel peaceful. Looking forward to work tomorrow. I guess vacation really does help. And reading your blog today, and the others, has been a huge blessing for me. Linda told me of the true community that develops from blogging. I saw it especially in the spiritual journeys that you and GG wrote and in the poetry party that you threw. Coming back from vacation and reading that, I just felt so content. It must have really been fun for you! I'm sorry I missed it. (While it was happening, I mean.)

Did you mean how am I physically? My doctor did another blood test and found another "subtle deficiency" at another level of the immune system, which doesn't mean anything. He said to stay on my current treatment regimen. If I get an infection, he'll treat it with antibiotics for a longer period of time. If I get pneumonia again or develop fever more regularly, he'll consider giving me monthly gammuglobulin treatments, but that's not going to be necessary probably. After this vacation I feel more rested, so that's good.

Thanks, Jan.
Love you!

Serena said...

So glad to hear you had a good vacation ... and are feeling rested and peaceful ... blessings for continuing improved health.