Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Humility and the Glory of God

I've always loved this from St. Irenaeus:

"The glory of God is a human being fully alive."

(Of course, I've changed the original and ridiculous male language.)

When we are fully alive we reflect the glory of God. Imagine that! In my pastoral counseling practice, I often hear women complain of depression or anger. Everyone is different, but in one way or another when she moves toward living more fully--whatever that may look like for her--the depression or anger dissolve.

Sadly, Christian theology contributes to the suppression, the half-deadness, of women--and men, too. Catholic theology, interestingly however, has this to say about "humility":

Humility has 3 elements:
1. Awareness of, and responsiveness to, God’s glory. We fall on our knees in loving adoration!
2. Confrontation of our own person with the Infinite Person. We become aware of our sin and weakness.
3. Awareness of God’s calling us by name. Whether we feel “worthy” is not the point. God has called us and equipped us. We shall not doubt that God lifts us up and empowers us. Accept God’s grace and live!

Humility is the opposite of self-centered mediocrity. We think of humility as quiet ‘lack of boldness,’ but humility implies a heavenward aspiration that carries with it a breath of greatness and holy audacity! The relinquishment of self, blissful dying away of ego, means jubilant freedom and empowerment.

Humility is the opposite of misplaced selfish pride, but remember: The Glory of God is a Human Being Fully Alive!

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Anonymous said...

Great. I love the audacity in conjunction with humility.