Saturday, June 16, 2007

Clever Repartee

I really love my husband. For many reasons, one of which is how he loves to tease and play verbal tennis. And he's so good at it. I can keep up with him for a little while, sometimes, then my mind just goes blank. But my friend Grew Up in Foreign Land is better than I am, and last night she and D really kept that ball in the air, tossing one clever repartee after another back and forth, back and forth. I just found it hilarious! (I'm a good audience, as D says. It's true. I just laugh and laugh at good puns or at this kind of cleverness. Comics are SO intelligent!)

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Jan said...

Katherine, I'm glad you have the husband you have. I must admit, I wish my husband liked to talk--but after 35 years of marriage, he's not going to suddenly change. . . . I love him and cannot imagine life without him, this strong, quiet man.