Prayer and trust

The saga continues, but it's good news. I went to the orthopedic doc yesterday to get the cast, as my regular doctor said to do, but this guy said a cast wasn't appropriate. Just a sling. He showed me the x-ray and said it looked like the radial bone was pushed forward a bit. He could cast it, he said, but it would be six months before I could move my elbow after the cast came off. Better to try to move it as much as I can stand the pain in the next three weeks, then it should be fine. So, good news there.

The pain pills made me sleepy, so I cancelled my appointments yesterday, keeping only the wedding rehearsal last night. Wedding is tonight and I'll figure out a way to do that, holding my notes in my left hand, I guess.

I've been asked to do a workshop on prayer at our regional assembly in October. In my reading, I found this by John Mogabgab:

'Come,' my heart says,' seek his face.' Your face, Lord, do I seek" Ps. 27:8 Prayer begins when we open the shutters of our heart and send forth the dove of desire for God. This reaching out with longing is often too low-pitched for words. It is the initial gesture by which God's love for us returns to God through our search for the face of the Beloved. The draw of love then leads us through darkened landscapes where the world dreams its tortured dreams. We seek God's face by feeling for it in the thick opacity of the world. We stroke God's face of faith marking the countours of God's suffering love. In the shadow lands of hurt and hope, prayer draws us into the tenderest mutuality of trust in exquisite intimacy."

The tenderest mutuality of trust. Wow.

That is my prayer this morning.


Jan said…
Thank you. Lately, I've also been noticing John Mogabgab's words. Last week I posted a quote he had about listening, which still resonates.

I'm glad you don't have to wear a cast. The doctor sounds wise.

Hope the wedding is a blessing.
Terri said…
Is that from "Weavings"?...I need to renew my subscription at new church...

what a fabulous prayer....glad to hear about the arm and the hope for healing...

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