I was extolling the benefits of blogging today. A friend of mine is a poet...she writes such beautiful things, from the simple pleasures she finds in gardening and watching birds and rabbits in her backyard, to her heavier musings on the human condition. She has blessed me greatly by giving me copies of some of her poems over the last three years or so, but I'd love to be able to just go to her blog and read them whenever I like.

My friend lives alone, too, so I was telling her about the real community that emerges among bloggers. Still, she was a hard sell. She's resistant to the idea.

Blogging isn't for everyone. But the conversation got me thinking about how important blogging has become for me. It's given me an important means of self-expression. It's a way to keep in touch with Linda and Jan and Kathy and AvaNell, fellow bloggers whom I know in "real" life. And it's allowed me to 'meet' others and come to know something about them--you and your lives. I love that. There are amazing people out there blogging, clergy and lay who care deeply and express themselves in beautiful and fun and sometimes incredibly moving ways.

My friend may not want to blog, and that's okay. But as for me, I'm grateful for the opportunity--the gift, really, of being able to 'connect' in new ways.


Diane M. Roth said…
I started blogging as a venue for writing, but I never suspected the community I would discover, and the people I would meet.
Jan said…
I started blogging because of you. I wish your friend would try it. I've been introduced to such a wonderful community of friends. You and I are reconnected, which is a great blessing to me.

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