July 4th

We had a wonderful holiday today. Young Man with Integrity, his girlfriend J and her little 2 y.o. M came over. Then Life Giving and her entire family joined us for the cookout. With Lovely Passionate Feminist here for the summer, we had seven adults and three children under the age of three. Wow. It was so much fun.

When I called to invite Life Giving, Little J got on the phone and asked me whether we were going swimming (they were going to a swim party later today at someone else's house). I said, "No, honey-bunnies, no swimming over here." Well, D heard my end of the conversation, so before anyone arrived he went to Target and bought a little inflatable swimming pool for both little girls to enjoy. And it was such a neat one. As you can sort of see from the photo, it has a little cover on it. You hook the hose to the cover and it comes out as RAIN inside the pool. Pretty cute! Anyway, so sweet of D to do that. And the girls had such fun. I took some little plastic bowls to them, and of course they played with them, splashing and carrying on. Turns out little M didn't like to have water poured over her--she still a bit too young for that, I think. At one point I took one of the bowls and started running around the little pool splashing water on Julia, and BOY, could she splash me back! ha! I got soaked!! J is almost 3 now--I have a photo of her when she was about 11 months on the sidebar of the blog. I was holding her and it looks like she was really telling me off big time! So cute. She's grown so much...talks all the time and is just SO smart. Little M is just now saying some words--not sentences yet. We went inside for a while and J asked if we could watch Beauty and the Beast. I put it in and she (J) ran to sit in my lap. At that, little M did the same thing, so for a while I had BOTH of them, just completely content sitting with me watching the movie together. Wish I had a picture of that!

We had hot dogs and hamburgers, good conversation, and great fun with the kiddos. Tiny M (Life Giving's one month old little boy) is SOOOO cute. The photo is of Lovely Passionate Feminist with Tiny M in the entry to the living room. He's a precious baby. Just like J, he's a good baby, too. "Low Maintenance," says my friend.

After everyone left D and I finished watching the Bourne movie trilogy. This week we have watched The Bourne Identity, the Bourne Supremacy, and the Bourne Ultimatum. They saved the best for last (if you like spy movies, which we both do).

As I write, D is moving one of the huge bookcases from the living room to his "new" office. Since Young Man with Integrity moved out, I have taken his former bedroom and made it into my office, so now D has our old previously-shared office all to himself. I think we'll both enjoy have a little space just to ourselves.

Good day. Hope yours is, too!


Jan said…
What a nice day! You revel in your family, which is a joy to read about. What a great family you have. Your new office sounds nice. Happy 4th!
Diane M. Roth said…
yes, a great day! ours was not so cozy. we basically didn't do any family thing but went to the parade in the morning.

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