Driving Miss Daisy 2008

Here are some photos of D in his performance as Boolie in Driving Miss Daisy:

This was the photo in the Playbill --
(Is he handsome or what? And a good heart, to boot!)
And here is one of the "official" cast shots:

These two shots are the "salmon" scene, where Daisy calls Boolie early in the morning and has him come over to her house. She wants him there when she confronts Hoak about stealing a $.33 can of salmon. Boolie is not pleased.

Hoak has bought Miss Daisy's old car.
Boolie receives the Man of the Year award in Atlanta business circles...
And here Boolie meets Hoak at the old house, before they go together to visit Miss Daisy in the nursing home.

D was GREAT!


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