Brave action by my seminary

I've been very proud of my seminary in recent days. Each year it hosts a "State of the Black Church" two-day symposium, and this year one of the honorees was Jeremiah Wright, chosen months and months ago, of course. With all the hullabulloo going on, the university with which my seminary is associated decided that it just couldn't risk having Rev. Wright on campus, so the meeting space, which had been reserved since last year, was taken away from the seminary. With a mere week before the symposium, the university trustees, citing "security concerns" told the seminary to just find someplace else for its 200+ visitors.

My response to the university? What a bunch of Cowards!

The seminary's response was perfect. The dean, Nancy R_____, and one of our trustees wrote an opinion piece for the local newspaper stating exactly why we chose to honor Rev. Wright and exactly why we are going to find another venue and continue to honor him.

My response to the seminary? Yes! I'm proud to be a graduate of this fine institution!

Well, I didn't know how right I really was. Yesterday I found out a lot more about the "security concerns." The university was not joking (although I still have no respect for its action). What I heard was that the president of the seminary, while walking across campus, had to be accompanied by bodyguards while wearing a bullet-proof vest.

Virtually all of the professors and administrators have received a HUGE amount of hate mail, some of it, apparently, containing death threats. I guess I shouldn't find it so hard to believe that there are people out there so full of venomous hatred and racism like that, but I do. I'm just blown away by it. It makes the action of the seminary even more courageous and even more important.

Young Man with Integrity is, right now, putting together a great big poster to use while he's at the County Democratic Convention tomorrow. He's an Obama delegate. I'm so very proud of him.

I pray for Barack Obama's safety, and that Barack Obama wins this election and wins it BIG. What a brave and good soul he is.

Now I'm going to his website and sending more $$ his way.


Thanks, Katherine, for giving some "behind the scenes" info on this. I can see why you're proud.

There's so much fear in the world, isn't there? Too bad, it's so prevalent in the church as well...sad...

Praying that love will cast out fear and not the other way around.
I wonder what my seminary would of done?????? It does reinforce, for me, that our world is a world of fear...of that which we do not understand/know/agree with...glad your seminary "gets it".
Jan said…
This is all very interesting. I guess I forget about how strongly people feel. I would not have imagined such a reaction, but I'm pretty naive way down here in CC. Thanks for telling us about this. Gives me insight into what's going on in the US, since I avoid news programs on tv. I'm glad that your seminary lived out justice and mercy.
Rev SS said…
Praise God for the faithful witness of your seminary! And for Barak Obama! I, like you, pray for his safety, and for a big win for him in this election. We NEED HIM BAD! as these recent events prove.
Rev SS said…
P.S. And good for Young Man With Integrity!
Diane M. Roth said…
wow, thanks for this inside perspective. I've been troubled by most of this flap myself, didn't know about things like DEATH THREATS. I've been worried about Obama for awhile, with regard to assassination attempts.

I hope I'm wrong.

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