Gratitude for the almost-nightly ritual (and so much more)

I am grateful for my husband.

He drives me crazy. Absolutely nuts. I married a man who...well, let me give an example. This happens frequently as we are going to bed.

K: Honey, will you turn that radio off?
D: I'm listening to it. (This not 2 minutes after I ask "Who's that?" Some senator is talking about Bush and I'm curious who it is. D tells me he didn't hear who was talking because he's reading his book.)
K: D, will you please turn the radio off?
D: Why?
K: Because I'm about to post to my blog and I can't write when the radio's on.
D: What are you posting about?
K: I'm writing about things I'm grateful for.
D: You're writing about me.
K: I'm NOT writing about you. [He always thinks this.] Now, will you turn that OFF?!
D: I'm listening to it.
K: You're not listening to it and we both know it.
D: What if I don't want to?
K: Arrrrgh!!!! Will you JUST turn the radio off?!
D: [he exaggerates a belch]
K: D!
D: What will you do if I don't turn it off?
K: [pause; I can't think] I don't know. I guess I'd get mad. And we both know you can handle that.
D: Yes, I can. I'll just read my book.
K: Uh huh.

He turns the radio off. And I can't remember a single thing for which I'm grateful.

Finally, I think of this exchange.

He thinks he's funny. He really does. He thinks he's entertaining me with conversations like this ALL the time. Many nights of my married life I have gone through some dialogue similar to this.

When it gets really bad and I'm about to explode, he'll often get in my face with this HUGE smile and say, "AND YOU WAITED 48 YEARS FOR THIS!" And I laugh.

Inevitably, I laugh at that line.

Because it's true. I did wait 48 years...just for this.

And so much more.


Diane M. Roth said…
oh boy, you got me there!!

except, I waited 42 years.... for this.

this is so great!
Linda said…
That's fantastic!
Jan said…
Katherine, thanks for writing. You ahve much more conversation with D than I have with CB! Funny--and thanks.

Glad you got the Advent book and that you like it. Not everyone would (like CB).
Terri said…
oh, that was great!

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