Grateful for feminism

My new job is going to be a wonderful one, I'm sure. The senior minister and church administrator are very easy going, and I'm looking forward to continuing to have the freedom to do the ministry that I love doing. I'm grateful for that.

And I'm grateful for feminist thought. I stopped by the book store on the way home from my new job today and picked up three books on feminism for my children-by-marriage. Young Man with Integrity has already read The Second Sex by Simone Beauvoir, so I think he'll enjoy the subject. I hope the two girls do. Chances are good~they are already well on their way.

My own experience is that the world opened up when I first began to see how patriarchy had indeed determined so much of our American cultural worldview and how that same patriarchy was at the root of so much sin, systemic and individual. Everything changed for me ~ Power inside relationships began to be something I could see. See and appreciate in many ways, but see and evaluate, always evaluate.


Jan said…
I'm so glad your day and your job went/are going well. Yay. I'm also impressed that you buy these books for your children.
Linda said…
I'm glad to hear your first day went well! Praying this is a good place for you to be.
Terri said…
I too am impressed you bought the books for your step kids....

would you like to wtite a reflection sometime for a feminist blog site I started? So far a few Episcopal women are writing reflections....and I'd like to expand can find the link at my blog.

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