Grateful for fresh bread!

Tonight I am grateful for fresh bread~and the smell of fresh bread baking.

I'm at home. Worked until 3 pm. Our service this morning was all music, so I'm easing into my new position without anything to do during worship on my first Sunday. The morning was spent meeting people, trying to learn names, having FUN with the kiddos in Adventure Village (our Sunday School for K-5, nicknamed AdVill), attending a Christian Ed meeting, and attending the end of the Youth Party upstairs.

First impression: These folks are friendly, easy-going, inclusive, and progressive. I like 'em.

I came home, though, and went straight to bed~~oh, I was exhausted. And when I got horizontal, I started having coughing fits. Like I did earlier this year. So I'm calling my allergist tomorrow and making an appointment, just to be safe. I do NOT want to get sick again.

I finally got up about an hour ago. D and I are watching the Giants and Redskins game with our computers in our laps. He's playing Free Cell and not doing as well as I would be if I were playing, no doubt.

And I'm smelling the heavenly homemade bread that he started baking while I was trying to sleep.

I tell ya, LIFE IS GOOD when fresh bread is baking, isn't it? Wow!
(After he reads my comment about Free Cell, he might not let me have any, though, so tell him to be good to me, OK?)


Jan said…
Fresh bread--lucky you! I used to bake bread when my children were little, but don't anymore. And now that sounds so good!
Diane M. Roth said…
umm-mmm. yes. fresh-baked bread. I NEVER do that any more.
Rev SS said…
Your first Sunday at your new church sounds great. So glad to hear it! And, fresh home baked bread to top it off! Wow! God is good.
There is something spiritual about the aroma of fresh baked bread. One pastor tells of having that smell even Sunday when celebrating communion.
steve said…
So glad that your initial experience with your new church was so positive.
Jan said…
Well, Katherine, I tagged you to list your favorite things.
Unknown said…
Sorry I'm late to the party, but so glad to hear the first day felt good!

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