Friday, July 18, 2008

My Prayer Today--A Serious Ouch

i fell down yesterday. yep. walking in the parking lot of my church, i must've stepped on a rock and fell off my [flat] shoes. dumb....and what a shocker....i really don't know what happened. one moment i was walking along and the next moment i was on the ground. splat! our church administrator was with me....her voice was the only orienting factor in my life....for several moments i didn't know where or even who i was...all i knew was cindy's voice and the pain in my arm.

this was about it happened, i had made an appointment for 10:30 with my doctor about the sore throat, so i just drove myself, using my left arm only, straight to the doc.... david really thought there might be a small break in my arm....the doctor sent me to get it x-rayed, and it turns out that he was right....i get a cast on it today. ugh.

typing with the left hand only is a drag.

i have a wedding rehearsal at 6 tonight. can't miss that.

soooo, my prayer this morning is: dear god, please give me strength to get thru this day with grace.... help me not fall into the pity party that i often do when i'm feeling pain..... help me remember that this is simply part of embodiment, not the end of the world..... help me see this for what it is--a minor inconvenience not to be exaggerated.... grace. grace. grace.
i walk --and i even fall -- surrounded by grace..... thank you, holy one. thank you.




Katherine E. said...

my thanks to wonderful jan and amazing mompriest. i love you both

Jan said...

Thank you, dear Katherine. Glad you already had the doctor's appointment. So sorry about being left-handed right now! Rest over this weekend, if you can.