Thursday, July 17, 2008

My Prayer Today -- question and gratitude

What is my prayer today? Well, dear God, You know that the tiredness I felt yesterday morning became a sore throat in the afternoon, and, while it's a bit better this morning, I can tell it is still there, along with my ears that are strangely hurting. Yes, okay, I'll call my doctor to see if I can get an appointment this morning.

Thank you for the new client yesterday; I'm grateful, and I anticipate good things for her and for me in working further with her. Holy One, you know my friend asked me about spiritual direction--I continue to seek your guidance about that. I don't want to turn her down, but is that my false ego? what is best for her, God? I do think it took quite a lot of courage for her to ask me. Last night as I was reading I came across something that applies to her so beautifully...were you speaking to me, perhaps, through that?

I felt such tender love yesterday morning for Lovely Passionate Feminist. It was after 9 am, so I knocked on her door and asked if she had class that morning. She JUMPED awake and hurriedly got ready. She can't stand to be late, so I knew she was upset. I quickly made her a cup of coffee, but then remembered that her class didn't start at 9:40 like I was thinking. It starts at 10:00, so perhaps I shouldn't have awoken her. She rushed into the kitchen; I express my concern, and she says no, she did oversleep. She likes to get to class 15 minutes early. Ahh...I can resonate with that, I think. Super responsible. As she walked out the door and I reminded her not to rush, I felt such deep love for her. Dear God, may she continue to grow and expand who she is. May her sense of self deepen. May she become increasingly the woman You are calling her to be.

An article I read last night talked about Body Awareness as we wake up in the morning. So as I awoke today, I stretched in bed, let myself feel the soft covers--luxuriating in their soft feel against my skin--and I listened to my husband's breathing next to me. You were there, O God. Awareness of my body brought an awareness of You. Wow.

Give me reminders today to think of You, dear God. Help me sense Your Presence.


Jan said...

((Katherine)) I'm glad you'll go to the doctor. Also glad you woke up LPF. And I appreciate you writing. Love.

mompriest said...

I was thinking similar things about appreciating God and the moment and my life while I swam in the pool today at sunset....

Katherine,thank you for being you and sharing with us.

and to your prayer I add....amen...amen