Tuesday, March 4, 2008


My husband and my son-by-marriage are caucusing down the block at our precinct. For Obama. I was so looking forward to going, but had to leave work early today--I'm still coughing and have a lot of rattling in my lungs again.

Young Man with Integrity hopes to be elected to the County as a delegate from our precinct. We get 15 delegates, but D called and said there were over 400 people there. Still, most of them will leave once they sign in, so who knows? I REALLY hope he makes it.

I voted for Obama, but as I left the polling place this morning I had a big moment of 'buyer's remorse,' seeing all these women standing outside in the cold with "HILLARY ARKANSAS TRAVELER" signs. They waved at me, and I waved back, and felt so guilty. !!
(It snowed up here in North Texas last night, but by mid-afternoon it was in the 60's, so I guess they didn't have too bad a time of it standing out there.)

Anyway, gosh, two such great candidates.

D said he wants Obama as president and Clinton as majority leader in the senate. I thought that was a great idea. Harry Reid doesn't seem too effective to me.

I'm too sick to stay up and see all the results. I already know that McCain has secured the nomination--my only real prayer is for a Democrat in the White House and a strongly Democratic Congress in November!

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Jan said...

Get well. I'm glad you stayed home last night.

I'm wondering about Obama because I just learned he opposes gay marriage. I believe a Democrat will win the presidency, and both Clinton and Obama have excellent qualities. I'm not so sure which I want anymore, even though I voted for Obama in the primary here in TX.