Mother's Day...and Children Everywhere, It Seems!

Diane has such a beautiful post, "Mother's Day Reflections from a Non-Mother." She expresses so eloquently much of my own feelings. Thank you, Diane.

I blogged last year about the grief I finally was able to experience at not being a mother. (See: Two Souls) And I was so blessed to receive comments from dear Lovely Passionate Feminist and from blogging friends that, to this day, have stayed with me and given me such solace. LPF, GannetGirl, Linda, Jan, thank you. (GG, I am holding you in prayer, holding you in prayer, holding you in prayer...)

This past year I have seen mothering in new ways. Although I am childless, children are playing an increasing role in my life. The children at my church, to whom I am "Pastor Katherine," are amazing. I'm with them for a couple of hours once a week, but many have revealed their hearts to me. It's probably the best thing about my "job," relating to these children, loving them. This picture shows some of them underneath our communion table, being the kids they are!!!

And Little M, our granddaughter. Oh, what joy she brings us. David and I are always talking about her and miss her so much when we don't see her on the weekend. She calls me "KK," and she wants to "nuggle with KK," which means sit it my recliner with me and "snuggle." Oh, I live for it!!!! The photo is when I babysat her at my church--she took my reading glasses and tried them on for size!

And here she is with Little Julia, my friend Life Giving One's 3 year old. She and Little M are friends now, since we love to babysit them along with Julia's little baby brother, Miles. What fun! Their imaginations just mesmerize me, how they create little worlds all their own.

I've always loved being around children. My niece Ashley and nephew Keith are grown now and in South Carolina, where they've been since, gosh...1991, I think. Long, long time. Oh, what fun we had when they were children. This picture is from one of our many trips, this one to a little central Texas town where we dressed up like ol'-timers!

And of course I have always, and continue to this day, believed that it is the inherent right of ALL children to jump on beds....

As I wrote last year, I love my three children-by-marriage as if they were my own. At least I think I do, not having borne them. I miss them when they're not here. I want only the best for them. I burst with pride at their accomplishments and happiness. I'd give them anything they asked for. (Well, ... you know.) Oh, and I felt incredible, just incredible joy at the privilege of officiating at YMI and IR's wedding last month. What a day that was! Here are some pics--

I LOVE this picture! So much fun and laughter that day...

And Little M had an Easter egg hunt that day, too!

Young Man with Integrity is proving the name I gave him. :-) He's working now to support a family. He's the kind of employee that business loves--dependable, smart, and hard working. Irrational Rational has written of how he accepts her, all of her, and what a gift that is. (Oh, so true, IR.) It's joy beyond belief to see the way he loves IR and Little M. He's a good father and husband. David and I talk a lot about his gifts, his way of being in this world, his growing sense of himself--all of which just evoke these feelings of deep gratitude and satisfaction somehow.

And Irrational Rational is the most amazing person. Super-smart (unbelievaly HIGH score on the SAT), gorgeous alto voice, most definitely her own person, and her blog is so moving...she is one of those persons whose writing can envelop you in her world. Such a gift.

Lovely Passionate Feminist is finished with school, except for one semester of student teaching. Oh my. It's pure joy to watch her move into the new life she is creating for herself. I'm going with her sometime soon to put a deposit down on an apartment, one she'll move into (her first!)in August. (My first apartment was government rent-controlled, not very nice--but I didn't even know it! When I think about everything I didn't know...ohhhh...only by the grace of God did I survive, I'm sure.) She works so hard, is brilliant, thoughtful toward others, and so articulate. She'll be the best history teacher in the State of Texas.

This photo is LPF with Julia and Miles, on one of our many babysitting days...I'm always SO thankful when she can be here to help me!

And the youngest, Beautiful Genuine Girl, has changed her major to political science. Oh, I love it. Like her siblings she is blessed with passionate compassion and a towering sense of social justice. She also has a sensitivity that astounds me. Such a generous and good heart. And an intellect of which I think she's only begun to plumb the depths. Watch out, world, here she comes! Here is Beautiful Genuine Girl with David -- isn't her smile beautiful? (and his ain't so bad, either!)

And with Little M....I remain aware of what an overflowing gift these children, no matter how old they are!, are in my life.


Terri said…
The joy of this family, your family, just bursts through the blog post!!!
Rev SS said…
Thank you for sharing all of this with us! Beautiful reflection with beautiful pictures.
Anonymous said…
What a lovely post. Yes, children do have a right to jump on beds. Peace to you.

Carolyn said…
Thank you for this beautiful tribute to these special children and ALL children. You are truly a mother! CCW
Jan said…
What joy, Katherine. How you have grown in love for your family AND yourself--thanks be to God. The pictures are wonderful, as are your reflections (as always).

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