...And this is miracle....

I'm alive. I'm here. I was born. I'm living. I will die.

Who can explain it? This is miracle.

Sitting in the majestic sanctuary of Broadway Baptist church this afternoon, this is what came to me. And I was filled with joy.

The service at Broadway was a special one. People gathered to pray for the new senior minister about to be called, for the search committee, for the congregants...the service was deep and rich and stunningly beautiful. It was in the midst of my awareness of that soul-searing beauty that this thought/prayer came to me.


Terri said…
a miracle indeed!
Isn't it cool when the Spirit speaks in such clear ways??
Anonymous said…
Yes, you are alive. Your post reminded me of a song by Bob Bennett, which he wrote after his divorce:

I'm still alive tonight
I can feel my heart beating
Emotions on the surface of my skin
I can hear my breathing

Wind upon those bedsheet sails
Spirit broods over the deep
I see an image of my Father
And he bids me: "Come and sleep"

No one is sleeping down the hallway
No one is here beside me now
And the loneliness, like a fever,
Is hot upon my brow

I know life is more than just survival
But that's all that I can see
I'm still alive tonight
And that's good enough for me

I'm still alive tonight


Bob Bennett's words tell me that sometimes it's a miracle to be alive still after all these things we've been through.

Anyway, thought I'd share the lyrics here. Peace to you.
Sylphstorm said…
Asthedeer.com, seriously, thank you for posting that song. That's amazing.
Katherine E. said…
Yes, thank you, Chris. Beautiful, and so true.
Jan said…
Yes, a miracle.

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