"The wrath and whisper of the dove..."

It is 2:44 a.m. As part of our Easter Vigil, I promised to pray in the middle of the night.

Since keeping my eyes open is a definite problem, I thought I'd share with the blogosphere something of the beautiful Good Friday Service I experienced at Broadway Baptist, my husband's church, and the church in which we were married.

Here's a photo of it, which of course does not do it justice. It is a grand, majestic place. I sat there feeling swallowed up in God, eager to be filled.

Broadway always publishes some beautiful quotes in the Order of Worship in order to enhance the service in general and also to use during the silence which is always built into its worship. Here are a couple of lovely ones concerning Good Friday.

"This liturgy that Christ enacted on the cross represents the culmination of precisely this liturgy, the 'liturgy of the world.' This is the liturgy which reveals, ultimately, God's plan for human history, which shows the world not as some 'evil, godless realm,' but as a holy space permeated by grace, as a "Neighborhood' where God may be known and named. In the world's depth, at the center of each person, God's grace glows, burns, illumines, hallows, pleads, reproves, invites, emboldens, subverts and enlivens." (Nathan Mitchell)

"And on this day Christ died. It was for love and was his only pride: it was the rock he struck and traveled to, on this day he did what he meant to do. It was the wrath and whisper of the dove: the pure and original spring of love."
(Peter Levi)

I pray...


Jan said…
Thank you, Katherine, for praying with us in the middle of the night. I needed this reflection on this quiet day of nothingness.
Paula said…
Really moving quotes - I'm struck, like Jan, by this day of nothingness. So much to be grateful for as we wait for such a breath taking miracle.
Terri said…
I was up late, praying Thursday night into Friday am...for a Garden of Gethsemane vigil....

...and now, Happy Easter!

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