A Little Respite

Oh, a day off! Yummy!
Except it's not really. I have to write a sermon and put together two services for Sunday.
Still, it's so nice to be at home. I'm sitting now on our back porch at our little patio table and chairs, sipping coffee, listening to the wind through our cathedral of trees. Oh, and although it will get to the 90's today, this morning the breeze it so nice and cool. I almost need a jacket.
I was at one of our local hospitals yesterday at 6:30 am to pray with one of our parishioners. Although I felt how afraid she was, I was also aware of how deeply fulfilling it is to me to be a minister, to be with someone, praying, at a time like that. Thank you, God.
The morning before that -- Tuesday, that would be--I was at my church at 6:45 a.m. getting ready for what some friends and I are calling our Fullness of Life Group. This was our initial meeting. Eight of us. I knew all but two of the people--no one there knew everyone else, which made it kind of nice. New people. We are folks who felt the need to gather for community, a safe place in which to talk about the issue of vocation and spirituality. I'm not looking to change, but with FOUR jobs I do need all the help I can get from people who can keep me looking within and asking the deeper questions of me. That's what this group will do. Several of those who gathered are in new jobs; others want to change or deepen their work; others are seeking a group to hold them accountable to various promises they are making to themselves about their work.
As we all sat down together, my friend who came up with the idea spoke a few words and then asked me to lead us in a time of breathing.
That pretty much describes this group. !! I love it.
Anyway, I've had a week of very long days, and it feels so lovely to just sit here this morning before I take my computer back inside and begin writing and planning. Thank you, God.


Terri said…
A time of breathing....sounds like my kind of group- so glad you have this, especially with the four job reality and I love your yard...wow!
Paula said…
Love the little break, and gorgeous pictures. I need to clean up my patio a tad so I can sit out there and enjoy the same kind of breezy break time. :)
Jan said…
Your yard is beautiful and restful. I hope I'll see it someday. I know I must visit JT eventually; it's been too long. However, next weekend she and her husband are coming to a wedding we are all attending in Austin.
Rev SS said…
What a gorgeous place to sit and enjoy a cup of coffee! Thanks for sharing the pictures and blessings on the new group.
Gannet Girl said…
What a great idea - a Fullness of Life group! I hope you'll share a little about what our are reading, questions you are asking, whatever.

And your yard looks so peaceful and inviting!

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