We have a little girl from our church sick with the flu. Not sure yet whether it's the swine flu but I heard today that her whole elementary school has been shut down until May 11. Goodness!

I guess the 'authorities' are just being extra cautious.

The senior minister at my church has been reading a book about the Flu Epidemic of 1918, and he's saying that one of the worst mistakes made then was that officials continued letting people congregate.


Unknown said…
Wow, Katherine, I hope she is okay!
Jennifer said…
A time when a sanctuary isn't a sanctuary?

Hope she's okay, too!!
Terri said…
yes....I hope she is ok...and all others too.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
This seems to be part of Gods Devine Plan dont you think. Then again Nature is more powerful than fairytales, This goes to show you God is not in control, Nature needs to get rid of a few people, thats why these things happen.
viagra online said…
Well this happend a year ago and fortunately this never reach my region and we stay very healthy all the time, we still get the vaccine because you never know.

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