what an interesting guy

I've been thinking recently about what an interesting man I married. Here's why. Recently David....

All that, and the guy still won't fold his own clothes! Sheesh!


Anonymous said…
I'm really sorry about the clothes. We used to have a magic "folding chair" where I could throw the clothes and they would magically fold and be put away. I'm sorry; I'll do better.
Paula said…
This is a very sweet post. And I'm gathering that Anon is David ... the comment brought a smile to my face, along with your whole entry here.

Tonight I came home from work and it had been a very long day. In the last couple of days six people have been let go from my workplace. Well, my guy had cleaned our apartment, and left it so tidy for me when I got home. He knows this makes me happy. He's off at class now, but he promised to dance in the kitchen with me when he gets home.

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