Battlestar Galactica and the Mystery of Humanity

Well, we're watching the final episode of Battlestar Galactica. Believe me, my family is going to miss this television show. David downloads it on Friday from somewhere on the internet (HuLu, I think), then Young Man with Integrity, J and Little M come over on Saturday and watch it with us that evening, although today they are in City to the South celebrating his birthday with his mom and stepdad, and Lovely Passionate Feminist is watching it with us tonight. She goes back to her university tomorrow.

It's a terrific show, Battlestar. I remember the first season I was enthralled with the music--those DRUMS! WOW.

Then the character development began to grab me. The father/son tension between Adama and Apollo. The sexual tension between Kara and Apollo. The strange behavior of Sharon a.k.a. Boomer a.k.a. Athena a.k.a. Eight.

Of course, as the years have gone on, the plot go so complicated that it's been hard to follow. David and the others watch the episodes more than once, so they can usually explain to me what's going on!

So now the Cylons (machines) are attacking Galactica in an epic last battle. Of course, the reason the Cylons have a chance to attack Galactica is because Adama has thrown in with the "good" Cylons (who had a civil war) and is after the Cylon homebase. It's a kind of sacrificial last act, after have learned the ultimate lesson that what it means to be human is nothing if not mysterious. We all have something of the 'machine' in us, after all.


Paula said…
I just watched as well. And I will miss the show so much. I'm especially struck that all of humanity went back for the salvation of a single child. It's very good shepherd-like. So lovely.
Anonymous said…
I'm still trying to process the finale but it's safe to say that I'm not all that impressed. That said I like Paula's observation. It definitely resonantes of the ninety and nine.

Jan said…
I've never seen it, but maybe I'll need to rent some episodes. . . .
Terri said…
Never watched it...but it is sad when a loved series ends..
viagra online said…
Battlestar Galactica is the most epic story I've ever saw. You're right the end of the original story is kinda sad. Seriously

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