Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh Wow. It's really happening...,

Oh Wow. I mean, WOW!

I just realized that I can finally take down that gadget about the Bush Administration: "Countdown to the End of the Worst Administration I've Known"

Felt like this day would never come.


mompriest said...

oh my's been a part of your blog for as long, or almost as long, as I've known you....oh my...change....can I handle it????(hee heee - yeah - I'm fairly adept at being adaptive....) YAY!!!

INTPanentheist said...

I'm not so much happy as, I guess, I feel joy. It's somber to me right now because there's just so much work to be done. I truly think he's up to it, though, inasmuch as one person can positively impact this. The rest is up to us and the rest of our elected leaders.

Paula said...

It reminds me of Les Miserables, "One more day to see what our God in Heaven has in store ... one more day, one day more!"

I'm thrilled and excited to see what this new President can do. I have great faith that he will exceed our expectations.

wiserblog said...

It's great isn't it?!
Many blessings,


Jennifer said...

I'm with the others. It's thrilling.