Sharing our Sadness

I'm continuing to workout. My trainer said I'd start to really want to workout after about three weeks. I knew that wouldn't happen, so in my mind I thought, well maybe after six weeks.


Doesn't matter, though. I remain committed. And the great thing is that at each session I'm able to visit with a dear friend of mine, M, with whom I share the cost of the trainer.

Like me my friend M is feeling deep sadness at hearing the news of a diagnosis of cancer for our common mentor, A. After our workout session this morning, I went with M to Starbucks where we shared a few moments talking about why he has been such a crucial person in our journeys. At one point my friend said, "I just needed to be with you, Katherine, to share this sadness I feel."

We both teared up.


Duane said…
It would be nice to be able to share that sadness with both of you.
Katherine E. said…
Yes it would, Duane. Totally.
Sally Ferguson said…
Friends help us experience God in flesh! They help us hash out our confusion and share our joys.
Jennifer said…
Isolated grief would be the pits.
Jan said…
So glad you have each other. I am sorry.
Rev SS said…
prayers for your mentor, his wife, and all of you who love and support them.
Terri said…
Gosh....I'm so behind in the news...being consumed as I have sorry to hear this!

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