Witnessing Awakenings

I love so much seeing God at work in someone's life. Really, it just thrills me. It's Friday night and I'm dead tired, yet there remains somewhere within me a sense of energy, excitement at what I have witnessed in my counseling and spiritual direction practice these last couple of weeks.

Of course I can't write about the specifics of what happened. Generally, it's people recognizing the lies they've been telling themselves about who they are--recognizing how those lies have covered up what is good and true and beautiful within them....It's people growing up, no longer stuck emotionally at the level of a 15 year old, but facing the mistakes they've made, facing the reality of how they have conformed to the expectations of others, facing an unknown but full-of-fabulous-possibilities future....It's people coming alive, seeing the beauty on the faces of those around them, seeing the truth that no one else has the power to make them unhappy, seeing God everywhere.

I love ministry. What an amazing privilege to witness these kinds of awakenings.


Anonymous said…
It's good to read a post from someone who is so excited about being in ministry and seeing lives changed. Peace to you today.
Jennifer said…
Wow! It's exciting just to read about it! Thanks for sharing your firsthand joy!
Jennifer said…
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Terri said…
so very wonderfully cool!

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