Personal Training

Well, I've completed my second week of working out with a personal trainer. I go Monday and Wednesday mornings. It's been good. Bill is in the same Ph.D. program I finished in 2005 and works part-time as a trainer to help supplement his income, so we have something interesting to talk about as we go from machine to machine and back again.

Surprisingly, I haven't been very sore. Some, but entirely manageable. Is that a good sign? I should ask him.

Even more surprisingly, I'm psychologically getting a real kick out of this. Just something about how I'm actually doing it is VERY satisfying to me. Obviously it helps to have an appointment with someone--there's a sense of accountability, an obligation, that gets me out of bed. So, it doesn't seem like I'll be using the trainer just to teach me how to learn each machine and then do it on my own. I think I'll always need another person there to encourage me and hold me accountable to show up.

It's expensive, but in January I'll have a friend there splitting the cost with me--she's also in this Ph.D. program, so she's friends with Bill. It was her idea to do this, but she's running a marathon on Sunday and didn't want to start the strength training program until after that. She'll be happy that I went ahead with it. She's been trying to help get me healthy in this way for a LONG time.

Thanks, M. And Bill, see you Monday!


Sylphstorm said…
It can be so easy to get into a rut and neglect this sort of thing, and it's really good to hear that you're doing something like that. Exercise does so very much to energize the mind as well as the body.
Jan said…
I am impressed, Katherine. I've considered going to one, but worried about the expense. There's someone in my spiritual directors' peer group who is also a personal trainer, and that would be easy. . . .
Jennifer said…
What a good practice!
Consider the expense of illness though.
Suddently taking care of oneself seems more affordable, no?

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