Evening Prayer

I started an Evening Prayer service at my church last week. It's in the tradition of Taize. Just a 25 minute service. I set it up in the chapel, which has some beautiful stained glass windows, and put about 100 candles of all shapes and sizes. We sing three Taize songs, do intercessory prayer, silence, two Scripture readings using three different translations, and I decided to serve each person communion.

As the service ended tonight, I just sat there for about 10 minutes all alone. I kept thinking, God is real. God is real. God is real.

It's something about the beauty. God inhabits it and I can experience the divine so easily through it.



Diane M. Roth said…
God is real God is real God is real.


Thank you.

needed this.
Jan said…
God is real. Thank you.

I can almost see you and feel the Presence.

Today at the noon communion, my friend's grandson "preached." His last sentence was, "God grabs you and never lets you go." That is like "God is real."

Gannet Girl said…
There is a Taize service on Sunday evenings at the Episcopalian church 2 doors from us -- I am so looking forward to going this summer. (Uusally on Sunday evenings I am en route back to seminary.)
Anonymous said…
Hi Katherine!

Mompriest mentioned you while we were dining, but I didn't know (remember) your blog...mea culpa!...or know that you were in this area.

When is the Taize-ish service? I'd love to come sometime...we used to have a monthly one but not now. You could comment at my plce or just email me at marybethbutler AT gmail DOT com - It'd be great to hear from you.

thanks! Mary Beth

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