Being creative

My husband and I have both been pretty creative lately. I've put together a brochure for my church--the best and most sophisticated I've ever done. I'm getting pretty good with Publisher and photos and line drawings, if I do say so myself. And I love doing it! It occurs to me to put together some examples and try to market my services to churches~see if I can't make some moola!!

But my husband has been creative in a different way. He's building a deck! I think that's just pretty amazing. He's never done one before, but he has experience from when he was young...his father is a person who's always been good with a hammer and saw. D has been an intellectual who loves to read (and, unlike me, actually retains most of what he reads), but now, as he says, he is 'channeling' his father! And all to our benefit! I'm so impressed with what he's done and how quickly it's come together. Wow.

While I'm at it, here's a picture of the beautiful American Elm in our backyard. You can't really tell how huge it is, but I still like the picture.


Jan said…
You're both being creative is wonderful, esp. at this time. The deck will be nice. And I love your big elm tree! I hope I'll get to see it someday.
Your wonderful tree inspired me. I'll post my "Tree Series" when I get them uploaded : )

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