Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Oh what fun, how indulgent, how middle-income American and in-love-with-Steve-Jobs I am....

D and I are both pretty good with money. I mean, we both came into the marriage with zero debt. We kept our separate banking accounts, but we put the other person on the account, so we both have access to all the money--but his check goes to his bank, and my check (such as it is) goes to mine. Well, anyway--that's more than you wanted to know, huh? I started with that in order to say that we are both experiencing some guilt because of our over-spending (?) this week.

We bought ourselves iPhones from Apple.

As we walked into the AT&T store, D said, "We'll just talk to someone today and get the numbers, then decide later. We don't need to buy anything today."

"Right," says I.

"Good," says he.

The young salesman let us hold one--to test it out.

Not 10 second after the demo, D turns to me and says,"Well, should we go ahead?"

"Why not?" I say. And away we went!

Totally indulgent behavior, huh? But, oh, are they ever fun.

Now, I am never without my so I'll never get lost conditions so I'll know not to get out and get lost in the first place...a camera....i-Tunes which I'll rarely use...texting which I'll never use...a calculator which you never know when you'll need...You Tube in case I'm ever on it....clock, another one of which is always handy, right?....and stock reports which...someday I might care about.

I thoroughly enjoy spending money on things that I totally need.

Don't you?


steve said...

Ooh, I'm jealous! It looks like fun.

Diane said...

my brother has one. they do look fun.

Gannet Girl said...

I technological prowess is such (not) that an iphone ight send me to an early grave.

Jan said...

Like GG, I'm not sure that I could handle one. But have fun!

mompriest said...

Oh...I wanted to do the iphone...but we went with the Palm TREO through Sprint (both husband and me, our son the Palm centro, I think)...because we can talk to our daughter and Ryan through our Sprint plane (daughter got the Blackberry Pearl....). If Sprint could support the iphone I'd be all over it.

So YAY for you!!!I bet it is just awesome....

Jiff said...

But texting is fun...try it with your neat kids. You might like it!

Counselor in Process said...

I've been waiting to get mine. My Verizon account expires in June and then I'm going to where, I guess, AT& T. Until I read your blog I would have gone to the Apple store, but going to AT&T seems so much more expedient. I'm so excited!