Wish I Could Sing

I wish I could sing. When I was growing up I wanted to sing like Dionne Warwick or Barbara Streisand or Joan Baez. Oh! I would just sing and sing and sing along with their records and pretend I was onstage and belting out this great song, full of emotion and daring.

My sister and I would often sit at the piano and sing from all this huge collection of sheet music we had. Such FUN! Great memories.

Tonight was Evening Prayer, just like every Wednesday night at my church. I do a little Taize service -- beautiful really with lots of candles. And I use a CD of instrumental music for the songs. People kind of wait for me to begin the singing/chanting. Ugh, it's ugly. I'm OK on the lower notes, but I can barely make the C above middle C anymore. My voice just creaks and screaks and breaks. Pitiful.

I wish I could sing.


Terri said…
Voice lessons will help...singing is like exercising, we need coaches to learn how to do it to the best of our ability...
Anonymous said…
Katherine, you have great timing. Just last night, my spiritual director told me that in many other cultures, there's no such thing as "not being able to sing." They think it's a completely ridiculous concept.

Joy and reverence are way more important than sound.
Diane M. Roth said…
I was going to say, but Mrs. M beat me to it.

I think recordings have ruined us for realizing that singing can be for everyone. REcordings create the illusion of perfrection.
Sylphstorm said…
Embrace your inner contralto. I can barely hit the C above middle C, and that don't bug me a mite. Revel in the alto-ness; it's underappreciated.

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