A Small Break to Catch My Breath

I received a gentle nudge from a friend today. She emailed me, Why aren't you blogging? Everything OK? Everything is fine, Kathy. This afternoon is the first time in two weeks that I've come up for air. Came home from church about 1:30, ate lunch with D and Beautiful Genuine Musician, then took a 3 hour nap. Of course, it all starts again tomorrow morning, and it will continue on through Saturday, October 25 when I attend a denominational meeting and then officiate a wedding. After that, I'll be able to stop between my "action-items" and take notice of my life again.

Actually, on second thought, that's not completely true. I have noticed some things:

  • The stunning beauty of the Guadalupe River in the Hill Country of Texas. I led our 3-day church retreat there last week. Our worship on Sunday morning was outside where the view was just breathtaking. My words were paltry in the face of that which spoke of God's love and majesty better than I ever could.
  • The love and generosity of the church I'm now serving. Today they celebrated "Pastor Appreciation" Day. We gather for a time of fellowship each Sunday after the 11 o'clock service. They had a cake made for us, and had bought each of us $75 in Barnes & Noble gift certificates. Wow. I wish I'd been able to hold it together, but yes, I did cry. I just felt overwhelmed by their grace and generosity.

  • The amazing thoughtfulness of Young Man with Integrity and his girlfriend J. Along with little 2-year-old M, they came over last week to watch the debate with me, knowing that my husband was out of town on business. Isn't she a doll? She calls me "KK" and my husband "Bubba." So cute.

  • The depth of connection experienced at my last breakfast with The Author. Our conversation was so deep and meaningful, it energized me all day.

  • Love expressed through flowers. My husband D brings me flowers each time he goes to the store. He's been doing that since we got married, and I admit that I've taken it for granted at times. But flower-buying is NOT something he ever did before we married; this is something he does that's above and beyond. Yesterday they were a beautiful deep red color, almost burgundy. Thank you, D.

  • The way people trust me. What an honor it is to be trusted. We had our monthly seminar at my second job yesterday--it's an all day thing. After lunch someone asked if she could talk to me and proceeded to share something quite painful. I couldn't take her pain away, of course, but I hope that speaking it out loud to someone who cares was, in its way, a bit healing for her.
  • The beauty of creation, and creating. My church is creating a prayer garden. My office is so tiny, but one wall is a floor-to-ceiling window that looks out near our entrance, and that's where we're putting the garden. It will have a labyrinth, lots of flowers, some benches, and in the center of the labyrinth is a beautiful oak tree on which we are hanging lots and lots of wind chimes. Oh! I'm so excited about this, and so grateful for everyone who is helping with it.

Thanks again for your gentle nudge, Kathy. Writing this has helped me feel less overwhelmed, more connected and very grateful for my life.


steve said…
So good to hear from you on your blog again! Thank you for sharing these lovely reflections. Peace to you.
I love hearing about the richness of your life. Glad you're back!
Jan said…
Katherine, I'm so glad Kathy nudged you! With my travels, I hadn't noticed your absence, because in the last two weeks I have rarely checked blogs. But today, left at my daughter's apartment alone, I have a period of time to blog. I'm so glad you wrote so I can think of you being loved and showing God's love to others. Life is so good.
Terri said…
well, glad the nudge helped...glad all is well...

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