The merging of doing and being

I saw God at work today. Wow! A woman came in for her second appointment. She is working on perfectionism issues and how perfectionism pushes her to do, do, do--to the point of feeling totally stressed. As we talked, she began to see the connections, all those times in the last five years when fear of failure, which has plagued her for years, has dissipated. Each time that's happened, she's been doing a certain kind of work, work for which she is now being trained and educated. When she does this work, she is unafraid to ask for honest feedback. When she does this work, her ego seems to empty and she allows herself to float in the midst of God's surrounding grace (my words). When she does this work, she is energized and has a sense of joy, and the notion that "love must be earned" is no longer the dominant motivation. When she does this work, doing and being merge.

I wish everyone could have seen her face when she 'saw' her true self emerge like this. Oh! what a gorgeous, breathtaking moment. She and I both just sat there in silence for a while, filled with gratitude to God.


Jan said…
How wonderful! Thanks for sharing.
RevDrKate said…
Thanks for sharing this, it's connecting some important dots for me.
Rev SS said…
WOW! indeed ... great description of an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing. serena

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