Monday, September 3, 2007

The Tao of Pastoring, Future

I've allowed myself to feel some stress regarding the church I serve. Today I picked up a book that my sister gave me when I was in seminary, The Art of Pastoring: Contemplative Reflections. The author, a pastor himself, took the 81 chapters of the Tao Te Ching and "translates the essence of each thought into a message for the Western pastor."

Thought 73--Future

"Anxiousness about the future
destroys the life of a congregation.
Out of this anxiousness the pastor and people
try to control events.
This is a tremendous waste of energy,
and drains the people of spiritual power.
Events are always changing
and nothing can be grasped.
If a pastor can free herself and her people
from the fear of death,
there is nothing they cannot achieve."

"(Do congregations die? Of course they do. They have birthdays and go through stages of growth. They search for meaning and struggle against fear. They eventually die. Realizing this can be a wonderfully freeing insight for a fearful congregation. "We will die. Therefore, how shall we live in the meantime?)"

God's grace surrounds and infuses me....detach....let go....
Perfect Love Casts Out Fear


Jan said...

Katherine, others see you in a more positive way. Focus on God and all will be well. Love.

Jiff said...

It's hard not to be anxious, especially in an anxious system.
I'm praying that neither the system nor you will be anxious....