Thursday, September 27, 2007

The answer to: "Is our children learning?"

Sometimes I do feel sorry for him....I wouldn't want every single word I uttered to be scrutinized. Honestly, though, this was during an EDUCATION event.

An Extra 'S' on the Report Card Hailing a Singular Achievement, President Gets Pluralistic

By Peter Baker, Washington Post Staff Writer, Thursday, September 27, 2007

NEW YORK, Sept. 26 -- As a candidate, George W. Bush once asked, "Is our children learning?"
Now he has an answer.

"Childrens do learn," he said Wednesday.

The setting was, yes, an education event where the president was taking credit for rising test scores and promoting congressional renewal of his signature education law. To create the right image, the White House summoned the city's chancellor of schools, a principal, some teachers and about 20 eager students from P.S. 76.

The visual worked fine. The oral? Not so much. For Bush, it was a classic malapropism, the sort of verbal miscue that occasionally bedevils him in public speaking and provides critics and the media easy fodder for ridicule. Subject-verb agreement actually is taught at Andover, Yale and Harvard, the president's alma maters, but in an unforgiving job that requires him to speak hundreds of thousands of words with cameras rolling, the tongue sometimes veers off in mysterious ways -- and someone always seems to notice.

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Jan said...

This is so ridiculous that it is almost hard to believe he would say that--sadly confirming what we think of him. . . .