Sunday, August 5, 2007

Paying attention to paradise this morning

For all of us who are preaching this morning, and for all of us who are not:

With my hair almost on end and the eyes of the soul wide open I am present,
without knowing it at all, in this unspeakable Paradise, and I behold this secret,
this wide open secret which is there for everyone, free, and no one pays any attention.
O paradise of simplicity, self-awareness--and self-forgetfulness--liberty, peace.

This closing prayer from Thomas Merton A Book of Hours made me smile this morning.

May I, at least, pay attention. :-)


"PS" said...

The eyes of the soul...I will take that to worship with me this morning. I am not preaching, not leading worship, or doing anything, but worshipping...with the eyes of my soul.

Linda said...

It's a beautiful prayer. I love the first image "with my hair almost on end and the eyes of my soul wide open." I don't think I felt that way when I awoke this morning, but by the time worship was over, I very much felt this way today.

Jan said...

Thank you, Katherine. Hope all went well.

mompriest said...

hair on end and the eyes of the soul wide open - really powerful words!

Diane said...

yes -- what an image!