Thursday, May 24, 2007

The War

I wish I could see as clearly as so many others regarding this wretched war. My husband and stepchildren (23 y.o. Young Man with Integrity, 19 y.o. Lovely Passionate Feminist, and 16 y.o. Genuine and Beautiful Drummer Girl) all agree that we should pull out immediately. But the mess that Iraq is in is our one else's, and shouldn't we stay there until we see whether perhaps, miracle of miracles, the troop escalation does some good? I can't stand the thought that we invade a country that was NOT a threat to us, wreak havoc and unleash these ungodly forces of sectarian violence, and then we just say, "OK, you people have to fix this yourselves now." I know Pres. Bush and Sec. Rumsfeld should have -- oh, better not get started on THAT! Suffice it to say that when we started to lose control, they should have sent in 300,000 soldiers to regain order. My heart aches with what we, in our blind arrogance, have done. There are days when I simply cannot listen to the news, although I live in a house with political junkies, so I usually hear it through them anyway. Even so, there are days when the waste of human lives is so painful that I feel I can hardly bear it.


R-squared said...

This is truely an issue that weighs on many of us. It seems that in a sense it is like the saying (allow me to adapt) that "you can unscrew a light bulb." It is harder to unscrew-up a war. If we don't adopt your statement "Ok, you people have to fix this yourselves now," are we not compounding our earlier error of assuming that we know what is best for them and therefore leaving them to work it out would be folly? We are soooooo arrogant.

Katherine said...

Thanks for commenting, r-squared! (I'm pretty sure I know who you are...good to be in touch again)