Saturday, May 26, 2007

Authenticity 2

"This is what connects you to who you are. What you love. What you caress. Whatever it is that leaves you and in its absence makes you lonelier than Loneliness itself. When it returns, it becomes holy. When it returns, you see the sacred in the profane. You do not fall prostrate before it.
You hold it close. You let it go.
You live with it.
You live. "
Parabola magazine

We are indeed relational creatures. That probably accounts for how that sense of coming-to-myself increased so much when I married. And earlier, when I became a minister.

And more on authenticity...from A. Come, a Kierkegaard scholar:

"In the crisis-moment of confrontation, I must learn and accept the fact that God’s judgment is God’s love, because only by coming to see transparently that I dwell in untruth, in unrighteousness, in non-being can I be transformed into the authentic being of goodness and so become my authentic personhood."

I just see that as so true. Self-deception is the danger.

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